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About Velkro
Velkro is a collective that focuses on designing experiences and products that help people have more meaningful conversations to discover why they are the way they are.

We’ve made two packages for two different social situations. Discovering new friends and getting to know your current friends more deeply are different scenarios.

Each package is customized to help generate interesting conversations no matter your social setting. Having these tailored conversations can help you understand why you are the way you are.

The kits come with an instruction manual (folded), a zine book showing our process, and several activities to do with your friends. The kits also include small keychains that people can add to their backpacks or keys to feel a part of the Velkro collective.
To enable people to see the Velkro website, we have hosted it here.
Team Members
Angee Attar, Anqi Wan, Meredith Newman & Tina Park
Hard Velkro
Your team. Your friend group. Your crew.

Maybe you spend all your time together, but you still feel like things are a little surface level. Hard Velkro is designed to help everyone feel more comfortable opening up when you’re surrounded by good friends. Understand one another more deeply by rolling the dice on storytelling.
True Colors

Everyone has an outline of a human figure, ready to be colored in. The different crayons will no longer be labeled by color but by character traits. Color in the human with the traits that are most true to you, but if you’d like to use a new crayon, you have to first share a story or secret relevant to the given trait.

What are your character traits? By coloring yourself in, you will figure out the portions that make you you. Learn thoughts and secrets about your friends by sharing confessions about who you are
High Roller

Take turns rolling the dice to answer introspective questions. The die with the symbol tells you which category to pick a questions from, and the other die tells you which tense to ask it in. This is really where you get to learn why you are the way you are.  

So why are you are the way you are? We’ve curated a selection of questions designed around different aspects of life that help you understand one another more deeply. Roll the dice to discover how your past, present, and future might shape you.
New Velkro

New job. New school. New city.

Change is hard, especially if you don’t know too many people in a new environment. New Velkro is designed to help eliminate some of the awkwardness when you’re finding new friends. Get to know one another through understanding your priorities and values through fun and easygoing activities.
Bring A Thing

As a group, you’ll be placing items in an order according to a given scale. Everyone will take an item that is not their own and place it where they think it belongs on the scale. Then, the true item’s owner will reposition the item, if necessary, and provide their own explanation.

Learn through your possessions. By sorting and talking about the things you own, you can connect as you trade stories and experiences from your past.
Priority Puzzle

For this activity, each of you will receive a “bag of things we value.” There are ten questions which will prompt you to make a shape using a few of the values that pertain to the question. Everyone in the circle will have to go around and explain why they answered the question with those values.

Sometimes it’s easier to understand who we are when we understand what means most to us. How did the things we value come to be? Learn about where your new friends are coming from.