Graphic Design Timeline

Web, Coding / 1 Month
About Graphic Design Timeline
I created the Graphic Design Timeline as a passion project for a coding class I took my senior year of college. The project was a collaboration with Anqi Wan, and we each coded one portion (Anqi worked on the history of tools and innovations in graphic design, while I focused more on style throughout the decades). Though we designed together, we coded our respective pages separately.

We set out to make a fun, interactive timeline of advances within the graphic design community using a combination of photography, code, and writing.

The website was created with Anqi Wan, and her portion can be found here.  
For the interactions, we chose illustrations that had to do with what was going on in the design world during each decade. I used skrollr, a parallax javascript library, to create the effect of these illustrations drawing themselves as the user scrolls.  
Select Portions from History of Tools
Anqi and I both have a large interest in how computers caused important shifts in the graphic design industry. To demonstrate these, Anqi chose to code important examples of tools that helped aide these shifts, including sketchpad.

Sketchpad was a revolutionary computer program written by Ivan Sutherland in 1963 and was the first program that allowed users to design digitally. "Winking girl" was part of the first demo, and can be see in the photo above (right). Anqi also organized different hardware tools that designers have used through the decades to show how much design tools have physically changed over time (left). This page leads into my portion of the Graphic Design Timeline.