Lunar Gala Ferox Website

Art Direction, Visual & Interaction Design / 9 Months
About Ferox
Lunar Gala is an annual fashion show in Pittsburgh, PA created by Carnegie Mellon University students. Not only does the show continuously sell out each year, but the making of the show involves the hard work of nearly 150 students.

For the 2018 Lunar Gala show, Ferox, I was part of the Lunar Gala creative team. The creative team consisted of branches including branding, motion, web, and print materials. My role was Web Coordinator, which entailed designing the entire Lunar Gala website and managing the work load and schedules of four other members of the team.

From this experience, I learned how to create a vision for an entire website, manage and help delicate work for others, and to factor in engineering and design scope for the website.

To enable people to see the website live in action, we have hosted it here.
Team Members
Shannon Lin, Deniz Sokullu, Alex Yeh & Stephen Chung

Under creative direction of Faith Kaufman
About Page
The About page housed information about the show (detailed below) as well as graphics from the motion team including a video depicting “clues” about the show.
The Lunar Gala: an intergalactic celebration of the yearly contributions of the Interplanetary Federation for Peace and Protection. The year is 2268, and, on this 250th anniversary of the planet Earth’s quarantine, we present Ferox, a public demonstration of the hostility of the Earth’s previously dominant species, the homosapien.

We invite Federation sponsors and visitors to observe, for the first time, the savagery we have successfully contained. Infused with Federation principles, the previously dangerous human race is now docile - an allegory for the potential of the IFPP to mollify threatening agents intergalactically.

Come celebrate with us! And, in the process, bear witness to a species, that, prior to this event, has been contained for centuries.
Lines Page
For the Lines page, we wanted to balance showing off the intricate details of the fashion lines with making sure the audience felt surprised when they attended the show. To achieve this, my team took small snippets from photographs of the fashion and added the brand colors to help keep details like color and fabric hidden.
Members Page
On the Members page, we wanted to show each student involved with bringing Lunar Gala to life.

In theme with the idea of a federation, we decided to represent each person with only one of their eyes, in light of how popular face scanners have become in modern technology. The web team aided the photography team by editing all photos of members as well as creating the cropped eye photos and the full size photos detailing the eye (examples below).