AIGA Census

Brand, Web, Print / 3 Months
About AIGA Census
The AIGA Census is a yearly resource that is gathered by AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) that helps inform the public about the current state of design as well as provide demographic information about designers.

As part our final communication design studio, which focused on large data visualization, we were divided into teams of 5 to figure out a way to visually present the data from the census. Our group decided to create both a physical and online presence as our solution to allow designers of all types to interact with our work in a comfortable way.
Awards & Team Members
This piece was a semifinalist in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards contest.

Treat Swarstad, Bettina Chou, Lily Fulop & Emily Mongilio
The website that we coded uses mixed media to allow the visitor to interact with and play with the AIGA census data. When a visitor first loads the website, a motion graphic walks them through what the AIGA census is and how we’ve represented different portions of it through our design. It encourages the visitor to click through our links and use their keyboard to play with the information.
To enable people to see the website live in action, we have hosted it here.
A second portion of this project was to create a census of our own to send out to CMU Design School alumni and then to create a second visualization off of the collected data. Since we believed that CMU alumni are a part of the design community, we wanted to tie this portion of the project into that of the AIGA census.

Since there were 5 members of our team, each member created 3 of the 15 zines. To give an overall theme to each zine, we asked in our survey how the designer would categorize their signature style. The three zines I designed had the style names of Resilient, Swiss, and Straightforward, .

The 15 zines packaged together can be sent to any firm or company that has CMU design alumni. When the package arrives, it can promote conversation, reminiscence, and story sharing.
Poster of Zines
When the 15 zines are opened fully and taped together, they create a large poster. The poster has many elements that represent Carnegie Mellon University’s Design program, such as a quote from a beloved professor, Dan Boyarski. The poster also includes, in small green type, all 15 of the signature style terms written in repetition. Similarly to the zine packaging, the poster also leads viewers back to the site by providing the URL for them to visit.